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Spring hasn’t come yet, which mainly delays the growing of vines. 2013 will be the latest vintage of the ten past years according to experts. Flowering is now very close and we are really longing for a sunny and dry weather.

Meanwhile the 2012 wines end their fermentation. The whites of the Côtes d’Auxerre haven’t achieved their alcoholic fermentation yet because of too coolly cellars while others such as the rosé Côte d’Auxerre and the Saint-Bris are already bottled. The 2012 vintage brings to an end our period of conversion to organic farming which now applies to vinification. Our 2012 vintage is now labelled organic wines.

The scheduled of  conditions remains as before for vine growing. The grapes should come from organic vineyards. But now we are submitted to wine making conditions. The use of non-organic yeasts are forbidden and sulphite should be reduced. This European Schedule of conditions is a true improvement in matter of transparency.

We trust in these methods of working which are the most efficient to put forward our terroirs and to reveal the uniqueness of our wines. We mostly car for vine growing because the vintages of our northern region never taste like one another. Every vintage looks like a new challenge. We take up.

2012 was a hard year which drove growers to the Wall. It was hard to manage the vegetal period. Spring was cool and dry at the beginning. We had one part of our harvest lost because of a frosty weather. Vegetation gained three weeks compared to other years. The end  of spring and the beginning of summer were very wet. We had to treat against mildew and odium. Moreover the hard weather conditions prevented the flowering of vines which made us lose another part of the harvest.

A fine weather in the last week of July stopped all types of fungus. August remained very dry with less tan three millimeters of wáter and very hot with a temperature of more tan 40 C° during three days, which caused the burning of grapes. That was our third loss of harvest. nevertheless maturity was favored by a nice month of September. The vintage will be sanitary and well-balanced between acidity and sugar concentration. An exceptional and promising vintage !

Except for the sun we are all waiting in France, 2013 should be lucky as the number tells.

Jean-Louis et Jean-Christophe BERSAN