This wine is structured, mineral, fruity (yellow fruit) and gently wooded.

bca bc  lb 2011


VINTAGE:  2011

GRAPE VARIETYChardonnay 100 %

 YIELD:  45 Hl / Ha

 MATURINGFor 2/3 in barrels (half-hogshead),  1/3 in oak barrels of 228 liters during1 year.

 TASTING NOTESThe First nose is fruity and much ripped when the peach, the fig and the gingerbread mingle together. After aeration, the terroir side stands out. The mouth is tightening, maritime with a salivating finish. The taste of oak is right and well balanced. The more this wine is aerated, the fresher it becomes.

 AGING WINE4 -6 years

 SERVING SUGGESTIONSFishes with sauce, cooked meats or pot roasted ham with Côte d’Auxerre” like the famous “Jambon à la Chablisisienne”.


Download : bourgogne côtes d’Auxerre cuvée LB 2011