Historical vaulted cellars at Saint-Bris…

These ancient vaults are typical for Saint-Bris-le-Vineux. They were constructed by the villagers and the monks of the templar order. They form an underground system branching in all directions, which made it possible for the inhabitants to move safely and undiscovered in case of sieges.

Today, still many homes have one or more large cellars, the largest ones being found at the domains, where they are used for storage and ripening of the wine in more or less large oak casks.

As matter of fact with temperatures prevailing at 12 °C and atmospheric humidity of 80%, they are offering perfect conditions for the ripening of wine.

Ever since, many visitors and curious people are given guided tours through the cellars by the owners.

At the Domaine BERSAN we have made up our minds to develop the wines from the oldest vines in French oak casks. The elegant wood especially matches with the structure of the wine giving full expression to it.