A concept of natural viticulture

Our domain produces two third of white wine and one third of rosé and red wine.

The grapes from20 hectares vineyards are being pressed in a modern cellar, paying attention to traditions and up-to-date technology. The BERSAN family attaches great importance to traditional and natural vinification in order to favour the expression and preservation of the respective terroir. The domain has been certified as a whole for ecological agriculture. A return to the roots, not at all disliked by Jean-Christophe.

“A decision requiring more work and implying higher risks because one has to keep track of the rhythm of the vines and being subject to the capriciousness of the weather. However, the desire to understand and respect nature certainly will be the best way to express it in our wines.”

The best way to help nature? Doing without synthetic pesticides, using mechanical tillage, support growth of natural herbs in order to prevent erosion at the slopes, and natural composting adapted to the respective locality, and in the cellar fermentation with exclusively natural yeasts!